There is only one decentralized metaverse, as there is only one fashion. All different platforms of the Metaverse should be interconnected and all fashion pieces (in the form of NFT) should be accounted for (stored, traded, exchanged, etc) with help of Web3. Platforms change, only style and fashion remain the same across all of them.
Fashion plays a supreme role in exploring the Metaverse since it is the most powerful way to represent personality. A wide range of fashion pieces like clothing, jewelry, accessories, styles, hairdress, and makeup are the most frequently traded assets in the metaverse in the form of valuable NFTs.
Venture investment is a key to Metaverse Fashion. The old fashion system never met VC in its history. Designers and other creative entrepreneurs in Metaverse become startups. Here fashionistas and collectors become angel investors. Metaverse Fashion Council engages venture capital and fashion through special events, contests, awards, and board meetings.
The community owns the Metaverse. People should directly own and control their names, avatars, land, animations, and looks by Web3. So it is the community that decides with policies, standards, and rules of the Metaverse Fashion. Direct voting in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Metaverse Fashion Council is the key.
The community owns the money in the Metaverse. The old currencies of all governments don't work here because they are not smart and cool enough. In Metaverse, fashion brands and creators will mint their own currencies and tokens for payments, cashback, credit, subscription, community building, crowdfunding, collecting, and store of value. Visual cash is back in Metaverse Fashion in the form of specifically programmed DeFi NFTs.
Fashion pieces in the form of NFTs should become useful and valuable in Metaverse, that is 3D immersive NFTs with WEB3 smart contract to start real life in Metaverse and not just on 2D screens of old-fashioned systems. In absolute transparency of blockchain, the wardrobes are vaults and showcases of value.
In the near future of Metaverse Fashion, we will see a generation of new heroes, brands, projects, and services. The source of innovative projects isn't an old fashion system but people themselves, as it has already happened with decentralized finance and old banks.
Knowledge of community is powerful. Research and Development + educational programs should be one of the tasks of the Metaverse Fashion Council executive board. Conferences, discussion panels, and meetups are another task. The more people know about the components of decentralized Metaverse like blockchain, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Web3, NFTS, decentralized finance (DeFi), - the better they are protected, securing their privacy, assets, and value.
Metaverse Fashion News is needed to provide reliable information. And news publications should also belong to the community and be ruled by DAO MFC, not by any corporation.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Metaverse Fashion Council (DAO MFC) will have its own Land in Metaverse to organize public events, and educational programs and build fashionable environments for open metaverse fashion networks.