Metaverse Fashion is an open and decentralized economic system that is powered by creativity and AI. In this system, value is created through the innovative and creative ideas of individuals, which are amplified through the use of AI and blockchain technology.
Metaverse Fashion is often misconstrued as a mere marketing platform for established brands to showcase their products in virtual, augmented, mixed, and extended forms. While 3D immersive experiences are important in the Metaverse, the key distinction is its self-sovereignty and direct ownership facilitated by AI and web3 tech solutions.
The Open Metaverse Fashion System is a comprehensive and innovative approach to fashion that leverages the power of blockchain, generative AI, non-transferable Self-tokens, and decentralized metaverse applications (mApps) to create unique and innovative fashion products and experiences. This decentralized and community-driven approach enables individuals to create and empower their Selfs.
The generative AI can assist in creating immutable and non-transferable Selfs-tokens, new and unique designs and experiences, and ensure that the ownership of these designs remains with the original creator. The metaverse applications (mApps) allow for decentralized financial and business solutions and storage of web3 products.
The Metaverse Fashion Network is a decentralized and interoperable technology layer that encompasses a distributed database of digital assets, smart contracts, and metaverse applications (mApps). It fosters a burgeoning community of self-sovereign individuals and businesses. An integral and unalterable element of the network is what we call Self.

Self is a one-of-a-kind, non-transferable, and immutable self-token on the blockchain network, that generates a distinct identity within the array of interoperable platforms and blockchain networks. The Self-token allows for the establishment of identity, membership, voting power, and verifiable reputation. It functions as a crucial element in the decentralized and open Metaverse Fashion Network.
The Self-token bestows lifelong membership in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization known as the Metaverse Fashion Council and guarantees a permanent presence on the Metaverse Fashion Network. By doing so, it empowers the Self to participate fully in the new economic system based on creativity, AI, and community-driven values.

Tokens that are used in third-party businesses and metaverse applications (mApps) as connected to Self are known as Self-bound tokens (SBT). Any participant in the Metaverse Fashion Network can issue SBTs, which provide self-storage for web3 products, decentralized financial assets, and proof of any activity. By analyzing various data points related to the Self's ownership of SBTs, and performance within the system, the AI can assign a reputation score to the Self.

With the help of AI, the Metaverse Fashion System can provide access to non-collateral lending to Selfs that have a high reputation score, indicating that they are trustworthy and reliable members of the community. This can help to stimulate economic activity within the system by providing Selfs with the financial resources they need to create and innovate within the Metaverse Fashion System.
The Metaverse Fashion Council is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to create and sustain an Open Metaverse Fashion System. It curates a decentralized sovereignty of Selfs, fosters and invests in businesses in the form of mApps and self-bound tokens, and provides decentralized financial solutions for creating value, establishing reliable reputations, and protecting against sybil attacks.

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