24-27 november 2023

Metaverse for pets

This conference unites representatives and the animal welfare community with a core mission: to explore how technology and the metaverse can positively influence the quality of life for pets and safeguard them from potential harm, including the effects of wars.
Metaverse for pets • November 23-27
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Our speakers
November 24
Avery Lester
"How to Attract Community Attention to Pressing Issues Related to Pets"
Melany Kelley
"Blockchain and Philanthropy in the Web3 Landscape."
Cain Davidson
"Contribute to improving the life of a pet and receive a reward."
Rebecca Lynn
“Mental health of our Pets”
November 25
Melany Kelley
“Explore TextTeo’s virtual shelter in the Spatial Metaverse”
Tetiana Kolomoiets
"How the Metaverse Can Save Pets in Times of War"
Hana Trejo
"Exploring the Integration of NFT Technologies into the Metaverse"
Hayley Moss
"Democracy and Decentralization in the Metaverse"
November 26-27
Daisy Garcia
"Zoo Defenders in the Metaverse"
Zoya Castaneda
"Animal Shelters in the Metaverse and Their Important Role"
Viviana Sutton
"Digital Assets for Pets"
James Leach
"Integrating NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming Technologies."
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