San Francisco - Metaverse Fashion Week 2024 is set to run from November 19th to 24th and will be hosted across various platforms in the Metaverse and Silicon Valley. With a strong emphasis on openness and decentralization, the Metaverse Fashion Council (MFC) aims to transcend the traditional "media event" approach, focusing on innovation, creativity, a business-oriented mindset, and investment in the future of fashion.

The Metaverse Fashion Council has outlined 10 key objectives:

  1. Increase fashion week attendance by at least 10-fold compared to previous seasons. Visitors will encounter no restrictions or technical difficulties, allowing them to immerse themselves in creativity, choose the best products and solutions, and invest directly in the future of fashion.
  2. Provide a seamless experience, knowledge, and voting power to every future member of the community. The Metaverse Fashion Council simplifies access at its basic level with a straightforward sign-up procedure - Sign-up
  3. Attract the most innovative and progressive designers, brands, businesses, and venture investors to participate in the event.
  4. Engage participants from a wide range of countries and markets worldwide, as the Metaverse Fashion Council's active community comprises over 30,000 leaders from more than 50 countries with diverse local cultures.
  5. Collaborate with Silicon Valley tech giants to foster true integration of state-of-the-art solutions into the creation, production, and distribution of fashion products in both metaverse and traditional worlds. Recognizing that the future of fashion lies in this integration.
  6. Empower the metaverse fashion community as the primary stakeholder, involved in all major decisions shaping the metaverse fashion scene. Provide the community with necessary tools for decentralized governance, voting, and investment, leveraging the latest AI and Web3 technologies. These principles will be practically implemented starting with the first event in 2024. The Metaverse Fashion Council will organize voting and recognition of industry leaders during the event season with the Metaverse Fashion Awards 2024.
  7. Bridge the gap in communication and idea-sharing between traditional fashion and tech companies, facilitating meetings and visits to Silicon Valley tech giants.
  8. Serve as a platform for new projects, brands, and designers to showcase collections, developments, and products while facilitating meetings with angels, VCs, and investment funds. Initiate direct retail investment in metaverse fashion projects.
  9. Foster an exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience through conferences, seminars, and workshops among market-leading participants.
  10. Elevate the creative and business level of the event to make metaverse fashion a driver for future development of fashion in the broadest sense of the word.
Metaverse Fashion Week will unfold across various metaverse and gaming platforms, as well as multiple locations in Silicon Valley. The event program will encompass:
- Fashion shows and presentations of brands and designers, demo events, and platforms for startups and projects.
- Conferences, panel discussions, and webinars.
- Metaverse Fashion Awards 2024.
- Demo days with angels, VCs, and funds.
- Networking events with technological leaders of Silicon Valley.
In the near future, an open call will be announced for participation in the program as a designer, brand, startup, or partner.