Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) members will be granted a 1/1 “Emoji” NFT- their proof of identity and key to voting rights within the DAO.

Members of our DAO will participate in the creation of the metaverse fashion policies, rule and standards for the industry, will help drive investment strategy and will play a pivotal role in deciding the future of the DAO.

Our Governance NFTs are created by members of the Metaverse Fashion Council DAO- see the technical requirements below before creating your own NFT.

3 levels of voting powers
Advisory board
Privileged NFTs with the capacity to initiate the voting process
Angel Collectors
Enter the DAO through privileged NFTs.
The voting powers of these NFTs will reflect their market value.

Regular members
With sufficient support, regular members can initiate the voting process

Our Genesis collection will contain more than 3000 NFTs
View HERE. DAO MFC provides all tech solutions and marketing support
We aim to create over 500 NFT projects throughout the first year, providing industry leading development solutions and marketing.

The greatest Metaverse Fashion creative minds will come together through the MFC DAO to create an industry defining collection of Genesis NFTS. Each of the designers we partner with will create drops of 1-10 NFTs, creating a 3D visual striking collection centred around emotion.

The MFC DAO will create a starting price for the Genesis Collection which will then be promoted in coordination with our partners throughout the Web 3.0 space.

Start your collection!

Join the waiting list

Do this as a roadmap:

Designers choice of the “Emojis”of their drop/collection will be based on FullEmoji List v14.0 by Unicode
View all HERE
Our curators and advisory board will review the designs from designers, 3D artists and our partners, and provide feedback. When satisfied, the designs will be approved and creation of the NFTs will begin
Advisory Board and Angel Collectors will present the NFTs to the DAO and the public. After Demo Day the drop/collection will go live and be minted.

Demo Day
Create “PFP”with your NFT art.
It’s the profile picture that you might use on Twitter or other social media sites. Popular examples of PFP NFTs include CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club
PFP of your NFT art
Your work will be shown in many social media. A beautiful render is the basis of your success. We will need a static picture in the best quality for the magazine spread and video with your work at least Full HD 1920*1080 minimum from 10 seconds
Final file should be in FBX. Any additional garment textures that should be exported as maps (display, roughness, metallic, normal, etc.) in PNG format with 4096 x 4096 pixel resolution. Each object should have a quadratic mesh topology.
3D fle in FBX format
A 200 word description of your project, showcasing the meaning and design elements you want to implement.

Idea description