Metaverse Fashion Summit 2023 to Explore the Singularity of Fashion
San Francisco - Bay Area, November 16 - The highly anticipated Metaverse Fashion Summit is set to take place December 20-22, 2023, online. Under the theme SINGULARITY OF FASHION the summit will delve into the metamorphosis of old-fashioned system into new economic paradigm. More than 100 speakers and thousands of active participants will explore the profound changes in the industry, covering topics such as How A.I. disrupts fashion, new horizons of investment in metaverse fashion, and as a result of these transformation - the birth of new economy.
The organizer of the summit is the Metaverse Fashion Council, recognized as the largest and most active business & investment community in this sector. "From the very first day of the council's existence, we declared its main principles as openness, decentralization, and technological empowerment. Thanks to our unique community of business leaders from more than 50 countries," says Anna Karenina, Forbes 30 under 30, the initiator of the Metaverse Fashion Council. "As a Gen Z I understand that irreversible singularity of fashion is not only on the horizon, but all its prerequisites are being created now. In the coming year 2024, we will witness the emergence of a new outline for a new fashion, culture and economy. Therefore, in our collaborative event we want to summarize, share our vision of the future, and identify investment directions for the future."
The event will take place over 3 days, from December 20 to 22, on the Paris-based metaverse platform Mext and on the educational resources of the Metaverse Fashion Council itself. The summit will run for 15 hours each of the 3 days, starting at 9 am Paris time and concluding at 3 pm Pacific time. "Our active community and the decentralized team of the Metaverse Fashion Council are spread across all time zones, so we have decided to organize the summit in a way that business leaders from all countries and continents can participate. We expect around 100 speakers and panel participants," says Hanene Maupas, co-founder of the metaverse platform Mext and advisory board member of the Metaverse Fashion Council.
In addition to traditional speeches and presentations, the festival program will feature a collaborative session on the development of the State of Fashion 2024, an AMA session with leading industry representatives, the first meet-up of Metaverse Fashion Council Ambassadors, and the presentation of the Metaverse Fashion 100 - business leaders in the sector.
The Metaverse Fashion Council stands as the largest community in the sector, boasting over 27,000 members on LinkedIn alone. Remarkably, more than 25% of our community members hold executive positions, including owners, CEOs, VPs, and C-level representatives. Leveraging our position at the forefront of innovation, we have developed proprietary artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions.
Throughout 2022-2023, the Metaverse Fashion Council successfully hosted more than 10 events and conferences. Notably, the Metaverse Fashion Summit 2022, our flagship event, attracted an impressive attendance of over 25,000 participants. This event showcased our commitment to driving the discourse on the intersection of fashion and technology, solidifying our role as a key influencer in shaping the future of the industry.

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