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Let's not waste time on a little bit futile talks about what AI is, what its hype cycle is about, whether humanity will perish with A.I, or the merits and value of fake photos or videos. We state the fact: despite the so-called hype cycle, where public interest has shifted entirely from metaverses to A.I., we have yet to see a single practical application of A.I., or more precisely, generative AI. And it is exactly bringing mass adoption to the Open Metaverse.
And there are numerous practical questions regarding the application of AI. As pioneers in the field, we will open the discussion at our conference, "AI + Metaverse Fashion," on May 25th - METAVERSE FASHION FEST

Our conferences have always stood out for the substance of the presentations, so our speakers will focus on the following topics:

  1. Legal issues of AI and intellectual property: should brands ban the use of their pics and style?
  2. Regulations: how much is it needed?
  3. Copyright of generated works: who owns the ai-generated product?
  4. Morals: should there be censorship in AI work
  5. Pricing in generative AI: should the generation be free?
  6. A.I. generating 3D assets for the open metaverse.
  7. A.I. and cryptocurrencies: can we pay crypto for generative work by AI?
  8. Decentralization: How to bring A.I.- generated assets directly to blockchain?
  9. Community First: can A.I. help build a true community of collaborators?
  10. Fashion itself: how A.I. will change it?

Join the discussion and contribute to the development of AI policy, as among the mentioned questions and a million other questions regarding AI, one thing is clear: the role of the community in the development, adoption, and operation of AI will be as crucial as in the widespread acceptance of the metaverse.
Share this event and invite your colleagues and friends. If you wish to participate in the roundtable discussion, please contact us.

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