Metaverse Fashion Vacation Kit

The sun never sets down on the Metaverse Fashion Council, it's true, as our members are all over the globe. We start the morning with calls to Australia and New Zealand, ending up the evening with our mates in California and all the West Coast (no one is in Hawaii yet). And that's just in pure geographical dimension.
Another point is the difference between Metaverse Fashion and the old traditional fashion system: we don't have those long summer (and winter) vacations. Almost all my old friends from the fashion scene, most of the professionals, wrote us farewell letters: we are going on vacation in August, we will meet in September, we will certainly cooperate. And for the executive team of decentralized autonomous organization Metaverse Fashion Council there exists no central time for a vacation. August is the hottest month - the month of preparation for the new season. For example, more than 2,222 people have already signed up for the Metaverse Fashion Summit announced a week ago only on Linkedin.
Anna K wearing Anna K dress.
Collection: Pink is new Black.
Special summer shooting by Eva Tokarchuk.
This will be a super important event for the industry as a whole because here we host not only talks and panel discussions.
A significant event will be the first-ever Metaverse Fashion 100 ranking: the top 10 leaders across 10 categories of metaverse fashion industry. In a decentralized economy the reputation and evaluation of your activity by the market play a crucial role. This is exactly what our first decentralized professional rating will be.
Milena and Eva wearing Anna K dresses.
Collection: Pink is new Black.
Special summer shooting by Eva Tokarchuk.
Let me remind you of all categories:

Metaverse Fashion 100

Top 10 metaverse fashion BRANDS - brands with the most impressive projects, solutions, initiatives, and campaigns in 2022
Top 10 metaverse FASHION PROJECTS, shows, and NFT collections
Top 10 most interesting STARTUPS to launch in 2022 (minimum pre-seed stage)
Top 10 VCs investing in Metaverse Fashion in 2022
Top 10 most fascinating and significant EVENTS in Metaverse Fashion 2022
Top 10 WEB3 marketing/public relations/consultancy AGENCIES - the most innovative, creative, and reputable firms in Metaverse Fashion
Top 10 Experience PLATFORMS for immersive engagement across Metaverse Fashion projects and initiatives
Top 10 AVATARS created on any platform
Top 10 MEDIA OUTLETS in the world covering Metaverse Fashion, including websites, magazines, blogs, newsletters, and podcasts
Top 10 NON-PROFIT projects promoting women's empowerment and investment in the metaverse, as well as sustainability.
Whatever the case, we'll all be a little more relaxed in August, but it's worth spending time at least thinking about the start of the new season in September. And we at MFS are preparing many surprises for the entire market. See you in the metaverse.
With love
Anna K
Initiator of the Metaverse Fashion Council