We are thrilled to announce our entry to the Metaverse Fashion Council! Striving to become pioneers in the world of virtual fashion, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to bring the latest and greatest metaverse technologies to the fashion industry. It is exhilarating to link up with some of the most significant figures in the fashion industry; ranging from investors to designers, brands to fashionistas.
Metaverse is revolutionizing the way we think about fashion. Carrying our routines to the virtual has never been more inclusive and self-expressive. Metaverse platforms provide a whole new arena for designers to showcase their work and for consumers to experience it in new and exciting ways. The Metaverse Fashion Council brings together some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to explore the latest trends and advancements in virtual fashion.
At GoArt Metaverse, we try to carry out our vibrant design cues all over the platform and offer a new way of engagement for brands and designers. Brands can display their products in an enhanced way with the help of AR technologies, plus offer designers the chance to work with materials that aren't commercially available.
For instance, inside GoArt Damat|Tween meta-stores, users can inspect an exclusive collection tailored by integrating sustainable materials into their design.
So far, we have already onboarded two renowned fashion brands in Damat|Tween and Kigili, and we are continuously in talks with various fashion brands. We designed virtual stores for their brands’ customers and our community to enjoy. Throughout the designing process, we strive to reflect the brands’ perception of their physical stores in the future. In addition, GoArt meta-stores offer brands the ability to host various events ranging from fully-fledged twin fashion shows that stream fashion shows simultaneously in real life and in GoArt; to custom events, incentivizing customers with loyalty points and various rewards boosting user engagement.
With this MFC event, we aim to onboard more fashion brands to offer them a chance to expand their brand into Web3. Aiding them in reaching the expressive and creative community. Soon, we are launching AR-enhanced geocaching events for brands. And with further development we plan to evolve our Avatar system into an interoperable one, meaning that Avatars can be fitted with various wearable NFTs and express their style freer.
We are looking forward to connecting with other like-minded individuals and companies at the Metaverse Fashion Council DAO and sharing our vision for the future of fashion in the Metaverse. We believe joining forces will pave the way for new opportunities to grow. Stay tuned for GoArt’s future collaborations and partnerships as we integrate all the latest innovative and immersive technologies.

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