by Digital Fashion Week NY
Digital fashion event during NY Fashion Week 2023

Heralding the end of the physical versus digital conversation
Digital Fashion Week NY
Digital Fashion Week, a two-day phygital fashion event providing tangible and immaterial experiences that connect fashion to people, and people to fashion in a new and exciting way during New York’s Fashion Week in February 2023.
The Web3 event will provide information, inspiration, and networking opportunities, as well as deep discussions and immersive phygital experiences. The event will give designers from around the world the chance to showcase their designs and services to a global audience. The event will feature panel discussions, presentations, and a curated digital fashion show and immersive experiences from leading digital artists.
Organisers expect to see high-end attendees and industry specialists, including Tech CEOs, fashion industry executives, international marketing and sales professionals, magazine publishers, charitable donors, financial service professionals, 3D product visualization artists, investors, bloggers, designers and artists.
On Thursday Feb 9th, Digital Fashion Week will begin with a networking and speaker event featuring important industry figures and a cocktail reception. The panels will include giants of the digital fashion industry providing deep insights into how models will protect their identity in the future and a deep dive into how AI is fashion changing design.
On Saturday, the 11th, attendees will be treated to an afternoon of immersive visual delights that are not typically found at traditional fashion events, layering digital and physical assets and including animation screenings by leading international artists and fashion designers working in the web3 space. It will include designers such as Ilona Song, RightDirection and Lorena Bello as well as activation by ZERO10 App and LODE, enabling the public to discover first hand the possibilities of digital fashion.
The partnership of Digital Fashion Week and MAD Global creates a fashion event that erases the lines between the physical and digital realms and gives rise to new forms of self-expression and creativity.
Event Programme:

Thursday, 9th February 11a-4p EST
IRL Networking and speaker event followed by a cocktail reception.

Friday, 10th February 11a-5p EST
URL Virtual panel discussions with global leaders in the fashion technology industry.
A curated panel discussion to address critical issues in the fashion industry and offer expert solutions to questions about the future of fashion.

Saturday, 11th February | 2p-7p
IRL Animation screening from 2 to 4pm followed by a phygital fashion show and experiences including Virtual Try-on, XR, VR, AR, Metaverse Experience and NFT drop.

Location: Exclusive location to be revealed.
NYC SCREENING: February 11

  • Anastasia Sladkova - Eyenasta
  • Angelescu Designs
  • Clo B
  • De Geetere Yoann
  • Edvard Nielsen
  • Eliz Gener
  • Estelle Pearce
  • Maya ES
  • Mayam Space
  • Nicole Holtan
  • Immersive Kind
  • Right Direction Up
  • Schieva x Tokyo White
  • Shiu Studio
  • Svitlana Volkova
  • Tony Murray
  • Vous Metaverse Creative Collective
  • Zoha Khan

  • Bee Davies
  • Dragana Todorovic
  • Edvard Nielsen
  • EFSA Team
  • Estelle Pearce
  • Ilona Song
  • Kamala Atakishiyeva
  • Lorena Bello
  • Maya ES
  • Mercury Dasha
  • Metaneon
  • Narina Gasparova
  • Nina Ibañez
  • Orthodoxx
  • Renata Rakossy
  • Shiu Studio
  • Teodora Kuzeva
  • Zero Six One (featured designer)

  • Right Direction
  • DOPE Universe
  • The MOS brand
  • Sylvia Heisel
Panels and Speakers
Connecting IRL fashion to URL assets
  • Moderator — Coy Griffen
  • David Giordano: Brand Builder - Brand New Vision
  • Maxim Raykhrud: CPO: Zero10
  • Oliver Moineon: CEO Exclusible
How do we create mass adoption of digital assets from a consumer stand point?
  • Moderator — Pavan Bahl: UNRVLD
  • Sasha Tityanko: CEO Sensorium
  • Evelyn Mora: Digital Village
  • Jessica Quillin: Content Strategist: Its a Working Title
Fashion Show in the Metaverse. What does it mean for the future of models, beauty and body image?
  • Nova
  • True (Dale)
  • MM
  • Beaute in Tech
AI: What is it and what do we need to know
Fireside chat:
  • James Joseph: CyberMagazine
  • David Stamatis – FTRworld
Virtual personalities. What is the future of social engagement, data and our wallets?
  • Moderator Pavan Bahl: UNRVLD
  • Megan Kaspar
  • David Cash
  • Allie Burger: Etta
Event partners include:
Epic Games, Ready Player Me, Lode, Modern Mirror, ZeroSixOne, Zero10App, Unreal Engine, It’s a Working Title, True Model Agency, Lectra, Pixel Canvas, V-Gather, VNTANA, NFTically, Jevels, FIT DTech, Beauté in Tech

Digital Fashion Week NY

DFWNY is the lens through which we can see the future of the fashion industry. A hybrid fashion show and immersive exhibition, DFWNY explores the shifting realities of fashion as seen through the optics of IRL X URL. By juxtaposing new technology with top fashion designers, the show explores innovative ways of wearing, interacting with and discussing fashion.

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