Amel Alem Curator/ Founder & CEO at Fumigene
Hello, my name is Amel, I am the curator and founder of Fumigene, a luxury NFT art and fashion gallery with sustainable web3 experiences. I studied architecture, interior design, graphic design and visual merchandising and worked as an artistic director, curator and art agent for 10 years and curated exhibitions for galleries, hotel groups and companies such as Barrière and DLA Piper.

3 years ago, I created my artistic agency called Fumigene and I started working with digital artists for immersive exhibitions and branding. Then at the beginning of 2021, I discovered NFT technology and created my virtual art and fashion gallery with 60 digital artists from all over the world.

Few months ago, Vinita Angelo, founder of Rtistiq contacted me to suggest that we join forces in order to create this magnificent drop with the artists of Fumigene featuring artworks of Alban Contrepois, Ilona Song, Lorena Bello, Miki Flores and Estelle Pearce. All of them have created stunning pieces which you can see in the Spatial metaverse gallery and available at our auction NFT auction from January 26, 2023.

Blooming LUV by Ilona Song
Rtistiq and Fumigene share the same sustainable values ​​as we both use Polygon's carbon negative blockchain and our passion for art and fashion. That’s why we wanted to focus this exhibition on the issue of sustainable fashion.

More than ever, sustainability is becoming mandatory for the well-being of a brand and especially of our planet. In a world where overconsumption is raging, it's important to move towards phygital in order to change our shopping habits. This is how we decided to launch the Meta Morpheus collection in order to democratize this new market that is digital fashion and by offering digital clothing, we hope to open a new world with the metaverse and change the way fashion will evolve by becoming greener.

When we witness the damage done by fast fashion and the collections of ready-to-wear brands which are renewed several times a year and the carbon footprint due to the organization of fashion weeks, it’s important to rethink another showcase and sale model with a bigger part of the previews and fashion shows in digital.

Cyber Armor by Miki Flores aka Metaneon
As an art agent, I'm not looking for Ai technology content, however I think it's the perfect tool to create sustainable collections with pre-sales. The current competition organized by DressX and Midjourney is a good opportunity to popularize the use of new technologies in fashion. I've been able to see some really beautiful ready-to-wear models on social media generated by fashion artists and the massive adoption of metaverse and digital fashion is happening as the latest Roblox numbers for 2022 show: 569.8 million people updated their avatars in 2022 with new outfits and purchases, leading to a total of 176.8 billion avatar updates (Source Vogue Business).

I also think it's important for high-end and luxury brands to rethink their collections with timeless designs. We are currently in a sales period and some brands like Golden Goose do not offer discounts but a permanent collection of their models. This makes it possible not to accumulate a large stock for a collection which could not have worked and would therefore require a polluting destocking operation.

Azure Dress by Estelle Pearce
For my part, I have been consuming differently for several years by only buying what I really need from sustainable brands. Everyone must do their part and brands must lead by example. We are in a consumer society where everything goes fast and where trends and collections are renewed more and more frequently as is the case with brands like Gucci or Balenciaga and it is important to slow down in order to become aware of what’s happening with climate change and stop wanting to create a (bad) buzz by flooding social networks with new models in order to encourage overconsumption.

This vicious circle will inevitably have to stop at one time or another because our planet is at the end of it and we only have one. We need to take care of what we have today and be aware of what might not be there tomorrow if we continue down this path.
Meta Morpheus collection is available from January 26 and includes a phygital piece by Ilona Song as well as Snapchat AR filters by Estelle Pearce and all pieces can be worn digitally. We hope you enjoy the creativity of the artists and the clothes as much as we enjoyed putting together this collaboration!

Bridal Veil by Lorena Bello
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