Sometimes I love to challenge myself on the same topic where I usually play a role of promoter.
And what else can better fit these times rather than #Metaverse ?
That's the reason why I have invested about 30 minutes in watching and hearing the content from James Whatley from Diva Agency after finding the bombastic headline across LinkedIn stating "ANYBODY WHO STANDS ON THIS STAGE AND TELLS YOU THE METAVERSE IS THE FUTURE HASN'T GOT A FUCKING CLUE AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE OK WITH THAT".

The video became mostly viral, and a post from futurist speaker Nikolas Badminton appreciated and commented by trusted people in my network raised my attention.
The title was so impressive I had to go in deep: and yeah it's a very useful review of what has been done right here, and a very raw critic to all the experimentation has been done till now in #web3 space.
But yet I believe we're strongly missing the vision here.
Ok actually we do not have the metaverse but are we heading there? If you use the word 'future' you cannot try to depict what's going on next using tools that are nowaday on the market, but you have to forecast and imagine something that will be created in the foreseeable future. That's the major lack I see here.

Yet it's a good video for debunking Deloitte projection along with McKinsey & Company or Accenture analysis overseeing hundreds of billions as a market size. Actually more than 14 consulting agencies among the most powerful and trusted across the globe released a whitepaper or similar to enlighten business opportunities coming from this new wave of revolution.
But you know that the long discussed Web3 technology fundamentals are here, #blockchain already played a big role trough #smartcontracts (not to talk as always about #NFT).
I strongly believe that the amazing job RTFKT is doing with Nike is a strong example of where the metaverse concept is heading to and (sorry) it is far from gaming but perfectly depicts an unusual and very innovative kind of brand activation.
I ran through comments in many of the post linked to James’ video and I found that there’s a common sense of “pollution” about the word metaverse and the use we’re actually doing of it. For sure Fashion and Luxury represents THE industry who is the one to push forward the most, and as consequence of what “fashion” itself represents, the hype raised so quickly and pushed the expectations too far from where we (concretely) are right now.
I really would love to dress a pair of eyeglasses and be immersed in that shuffled virtual reality surrounding me along with real life people and objects but according to Gartner before 2029 we won't have the right technology to do this even if everyone out there is mostly speculating Apple has a secret project for special google that will be sold in 2023.
But it's so exciting to be part of something that's still in the happening.
That's my final take, and maybe a suggestion for everyone in my network. METAVERSE DOESN'T EXIST, I'm ok with that but METAVERSE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. And there's noone out there that can tell you the opposite.

Are we going to build something that's moving far from the hype and survive to a speculation bubble or it's just something that's going to remain a dream of the few? It depends on us.

Advisory board member of DAO MFC
He is actually Digital Transformation Director in Pinko a female Italian fashion brand.
Enthusiast and early adopter of blockchain and Web3 concept in the fashion industry, Marco played a role in bridging technology and fashion together during all his career path.