Open Metaverse Fashion System: Time to Create Value

Dear members of the Metaverse Fashion Council community,
We are thrilled to remind you that we have just turned one year old this week and have become the fastest-growing community in the Metaverse Fashion space. Our success is solely due to our commitment to openness and decentralization, which we have maintained since our launch, as well as our community's cooperative spirit and desire to build a Metaverse together.


Strangely enough, now is possibly the best time to build a genuinely New economy, and this is how we envision the forthcoming Metaverse Fashion. The era of unnecessary hype and noise has come to a close, and the time for genuine buiding has arrived. We want to emphasize that the metaverse, decentralization, and community are not simply marketing buzzwords for us, but are at the heart of what we do.

Together, we are building a new free creative world, whose Value is determined not by corporate marketing and speculation, but by creativity itself and the Spirit of entrepreneurship.
In the very first year of our existence, the Metaverse Fashion Council has held six conferences with over 200 speakers and 15,000 visitors on more than 10 Metaverse platforms. Our representatives have also spoken at four physical conferences, held a Metaverse Fashion Summit at the end of 2022 with 25,000 attendees on eight different Metaverse platforms, and shared knowledge, vision, and opinions on market regulation, reputation building, standards setting, research, and development.
We have created the most powerful media platform, and today, our community learns the most important things happening in the world of Metaverse Fashion from us. These are carefully selected news and articles containing essential knowledge, not just commercial information. It is also crucial to note that we give a voice to every member of our community, and our LinkedIn Newsletter alone already has more than 10,000 subscriptions.
The first year dedicated to building a Community is behind us. We can proudly say that we are not only building the fastest-growing community in the fashion metaverse but have become the largest community in the Metaverse Fashion within the first year.
This allows us to announce the next stage of our development - the Creation of Value in the Metaverse.

From the very beginning, we have recognized the most important role of Fashion in the creation of the Metaverse. We know that no matter what platform or blockchain network is used, the visual component of the Self (avatar, character, whatever you call it), its style and look, will still be the easiest and most powerful language for Self-expression and Self-extension. That is why we were the first to propose the building block for the Metaverse Fashion Network - the single Self in form of a non-transferable token. Now you can read about more opportunities and create your own Self by the lINK

Our R&D team has been developing applications of A.I. for creative activity in Metaverse Fashion for a long time. We firmly believe that neither designers, brands, nor tech corporations will be able to find customers in the Metaverse until we provide them with the easiest and most effective tools for creating products in Metaverse on their own. This is where A.I. plays a key role. Over time, technical solutions will cease to be a tool for building a monopoly of technical giants, and with the help of A.I., any member of our community will be able to create 2D and 3D objects, experiences, digital assets, and any solutions using A.I. on the blockchain. A.I. that helps create and manage digital assets on the blockchain is a real breakthrough. Join us on this journey. Time to be first.
The first step - creating a Self - is here. Already in this April, the first early birdies will receive A.I.-powered visual incarnations of their Selfs.

Businesses are the top level of the entire community and network. Here, business members of the DAO MFC can initiate solutions, put them to a vote, and the entire community is invited to participate in making decisions by voting. We are raising the level of involvement, and as a result, the entry threshold into the DAO MFC at the business levels has been increased. Businesses, companies, and brands can now create their own branded communities within the same Metaverse Fashion Network while remaining autonomous. We will showcase the first examples of this at the upcoming A.I. conference.
Additionally, we appreciate the early contributions of the companies and businesses that form the core of our community, and thus, we keep them within the DAO MFC. Newcomers, please select the level that suits your expectations and contact us.
Furthermore, we would like to inform you that in order to manage business processes and attract traditional investments, we have incorporated a company in Delaware, USA. If you are interested in investment, please fill out the form and contact us as you may be one of Metaverse Fashion Council's potential investors.

Also this week we will launch a program to establish an ambassador network in 100 cities around the world, where we already have quite significant communities. There, our representatives will develop an Open Metaverse Fashion, and will also be representatives of their city in the huge DAO MFC community.
You can meanwhile let us know -

The main feature of this community is the direct ownership, management, and disposal of funds. In the 2nd quarter 2023, we are starting the formation of the DAO MFC treasure, as well as starting businesses and projects, in which we will recommend injecting funds and quite possibly investing community resources. Building an independent financial eco-system of Metaverse Fashion is one of the key missions of our institution from its very origin.
Once the technical preparations for the DAO vote are completed, we will elect a governing body and begin the DAO MFC Treasure management process.

R&D is the most important element of the technological and economic development of the Open metaverse. But it is the community, and not some old-style commercial structures with old money, that can form a sustainable vision and build a path to the future. Together we are launching a large study - State of Metaverse Fashion 2023, anyone can take part in it, just let us know -

At the end of the year, we will hold the second Metaverse Fashion Summit, with the difference that in 2023 we will also hold it in the Real world. It is there that the results of the entire industry, its prospects, and investment attractiveness will be summed up.
In a decentralized community and a metaverse business, reputation is the most important factor. It is the community that should decide who and how this year passed, so for the first time we will vote on the blockchain and select the TOP100 main players in the world of Metaverse Fashion. And also at the end of the year, we will hold Metaver Fashion Awards. If you have ideas, expectations and proposals for partnership, write to

We are happy to start a new stage of building Value, we invite all members of the community to cooperate and wish everyone inspiration and success in creating new values and a new economy - the Open Metaverse Fashion System!

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