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Metaverse Fashion


    There is only one Metaverse as there is only one Fashion. Engagement of venture investment and creative community is the core value of
    Metaverse Fashion.
    Keys to Metaverse Fashion
    advisory board members
    regular members
    voting NFTs
    dao metaverse fashion council
    • VC/angel investors
    • collectors
    • crypto investors
    • meta-fashionista
    • entrepreneurs

    • fashion designers
    • brands
    • agencies
    • fashion weeks
    • NFT platforms
    • crypto exchanges
    • blockchain networks
    • DEfi services
    • WEB3 agencies
    • 3d artists
    • developers
    • ar/vr/xr devs
    • media
    • influencers
    • press agencies
    • photographers
    • stylists
    • make-up artists
    • models
    • education institutions
    • national fashion councils
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    Want to develop policies and influence investment in Metaverse Fashion?
    dao metaverse fashion council

    proof-of-stake voting power based upon the land ownership
    Pro membership

    single voting power
    network of partnership institutions, companies, blockchain networks, exchanges and nft platforms

    leaders in fashion, business, investment, culture, web3, blockchain, 3d engines, ar, vr, xr, mr
    advisory board

    reporting to advisory board and partnership network
    executive board
    milestones of building dao metaverse fashion council
    MFC roadmap
    Decentralized Autonomous Organization Metaverse Fashion Council
    (DAO MFC) will be governed by the community itself with help of blockchain technology. The community will make all fundamental decisions, the Advisory board makes proposals for voting, Executive board provides technical solutions.
    Q2, 2022
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    Community will have its decentralized multichannel platform. Members of our community have their voice and Executive board provides the fundraising, sponsorships, collaborations.
    Metaverse Fashion News/Publications
    Q2, 2022
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    Metaverse Fashion Conference - June-July 2022
    Metaverse Fashion Summit - September 2022
    Meet-ups all over the world curated by country/state ambassadors.
    Q2-Q3, 2022
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    Metaverse Fashion Summit/other events
    Decentralized Fashion Week in Metaverse should use different platforms. Metaverse Fashion Week should be meaningful for designers and fashionistas and not only for sponsors.
    Young designers are new heroes of Metaverse Fashion. VC is an indispensable part of a fashion show as a demo day.
    Metaverse Fashion Week
    Young designers support
    Q3, 2022
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    Contests and Awards are important part of creative industry. In decentralized world of Metaverse Fashion it's the community who decides on the winners who to recommend to investors.
    Metaverse Fashion Awards/and contests
    Q4, 2022
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    • Co-founder & CEO of NTZNS (NeTiZeNS) digital fashion studio & retail store. Bestselling Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Speaker. With a strong background in Computer Science and Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Fashion & Luxury Management, ranked by Linkedin in 1% of the most influential people in his industry and his name dominates the first 5 page in Google. He loves to combine technology with art and he believes in a world with no gravity, no borders or any other limitations. He believes that digital revolution will leads to human evolution.
    • Dr Jessica Quillin is Co-Founder and Principal of It’s A Working Title LLC, a luxury-focused content strategy agency and think tank. She is an experienced content strategist, brand storyteller, published author, and the former Fashion Editor for Glass. With a PhD in English Literature and Music from the University of Cambridge, she has an extensive background in fashion, luxury, and retail, including strategy consulting and magazine editorial work with a range of brands, designers, and celebrities.
    • Dr Bryce Quillin is Co-Founder and Principal of It’s A Working Title LLC, a luxury-focused content strategy agency and think tank. He has worked as an economist and strategist in markets around the world, principally for the World Bank and IMF. His recent research and publications cover consumer behavior and the impact of blockchain-based applications and immersive digital retail environments.
    • Head of Communications @SWAGGA|Web3, Metaverse&NFT Strategy|Digital Fashion Enthusiast.

      SWAGGA a phygital entertainment metaverse that features Swag-To-Earn(S2E), F.A.S (Fashion, Amusement, Social) and user-friendly UGC E-Commerce platform with the ambition of incentivizing everyone to swap likes into value.
    • Leslie is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a co-founder at the groundbreaking online education, The Digital Fashion Group. As Head of Fashion at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and a member of the AMFI board for over 14 years, Leslie was responsible for the redevelopment of the international curricula focusing on digitalization and sustainability in fashion. And previously as a design director and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry he worked for such companies as Dunhill, Stefanel, Byblos, Burberry and Liberty/

    • Lorne is CEO and Director of the Metaverse Group. Prior to the Metaverse Group, Lorne was previously the CEO of Wellpoint Health Services for 9 years where he grew the business to over 250 employees, completed and integrated seven acquisitions and ultimately was sold to CloudMD (TSX: CMD).
    • Leanne Elliott Young is the CEO & Co-Founder (she/her) of institute of digital fashion. 
      IoDF has 7 industry worlds firsts in metaverse activations and concepts and is the global leader. 
      ‘Institute of digital fashion is masterminding fashions transition into the metaverse. ‘ Vogue
    • Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello are the founders and visionaries of the digital-native luxury fashion house Auroboros. Together the duo specialises in couture, creative direction and creative technologies with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Receiving various international awards previously, the duo has lectured and spoken at Harvard Business School, Christie’s, Central Saint Martins, BoF Voices, and Fashion Revolution.
    • Sustainable 3D printing & cleantech | Entrepreneur, Inventor, Designer, founder of IMAGENERIA , Edison Awards Gold winner, Guinness Record holder
    • CEO @ AURELIA + ICARUS • METAVERSE FASHION COUNCIL • • Serial Fashion Entrepreneur • Business of Fashion, Web3 Speaker and Consultant
    • Experienced manager with more than twenty years in the Fashion & Luxury industry, after having held executive roles in the technology field, he conceptualized and anticipated the emerging transformation in the digital communication and direct to consumer, transferring his skills into the hyped mar-tech field.

      After having carried out IoT management consultancy, he now combines entrepreneurial experiences in the AI ​​& Brand Strategy field with the roles of Digital Transformation Director in Pinko and Head of Luxury in Luxochain.
    • Metaverse Producer at Decentraland Foundation and Head of Metaverse Fashion Week. She has more than a decade of experience in digital design and the XR industry
    • Founder at Digital Fashion Week NYC
    • FashionTech • Games • Sustainability
    • Neurodiverse - Web3.0 Strategy & Innovation Executive • Award-Winning Global Gaming Professional • Game Marketing Strategist [Ex-Blizzard / Ex-Riot Games]
    • CEO, Cyber Gear - Metaverse & Web3. Impact Entrepreneur. Strong community of 30,000 members

    • High tech Executive • Startups founder • CEO @ Must • Board Member@Safe IoT • Must High-tech Expo initiative (B2B Metaverse)
    • Founder and designer of ILONA SONG DigItal Fashion Couture House || Digital Fashion
      • NFT • Web3
    • Founder at XR Couture • Architect • Born in the Metaverse
    • Co-founder of the web3 digital fashion creative space and NFT platform - ARTISANT, founder of the first digital fashion marketplace ever - Physical and digital fashion designer. Exploring and amplifying web3 fashion wave and merging traditional, digital and crypto fashion on the way to metaverse
    • *Blockchain* Chair, Keynote, Journalist, Broadcaster, Influencer, CEO, Writer, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer
    • Co-founder & COO of The Fitting Room. The phygital partner of the metaverse
    • Founder and CEO of CARBON.XYZ. The First Fashion Metazine. A Web3 platform showcasing the most cutting-edge and collectable fashion imagery and storytelling
    • Founder HONEY • Digital Fashion
    • MaisonDAO • EDGEcity • Art x Fashion Metaverse • Web3 • NFT • Metaverse Fashion Council
    • Co-Founder Trace Network Labs • Technology Advisor to Fashion industry in 50 countries for 37+years • Digital Fashion & Digital Transformation
    • Silicon Valley CEO • Strategy, M&A, Growth • New Economy and Web3 • Ex Consulting Partner • VC Investor • Board Member
    • Entrepreneur: Metaverse (Web3.0) & Crypto Family Office
    • Design Manager at WATG • Former Zaha Hadid Architects • Art Director • Advisory Board • Metaverse • Consultant & Design direction

    • Editor-in-Chief at The Interline • Specialist in fashion tech, retail, gaming & luxury

    • Founder at FORWARD Fashion
      FORWARD Fashion is the forward-thinkers destination for an engaged community with a shared identity, furnishing a supportive platform where talents realize their goals and own their artistic expression

    • Metascape Labs is a digital strategy and innovation venture studio focused on web 3.0 technology and business models 
      Managing Partner at Metascape Labs • Venture Studio • Web 3.0 Technology • Metaverse • Digital Strategy & Innovation

    • Founder • Yologram - (Your Hologram) • Have fun Styling yourself with Brands • Share playful Immersive stories to Social & the Metaverse • Playable Commerce • Immersive stories • Phygital NFTs • AR VR XR WEB3 Holographic 
    • Storyteller • Award Winning Couture Fashion Designer • Author • Keynote Speaker • Sustainability • Award Nom. Podcast Producer & Host • Mindfulness • Web3 Strategist, Partnerships, Community Curator • Metaverse Designer

    • Co-Founder & CEO @ Parcel
    • CEO at CollectiveWeb • Metaverse, Web 3.0, NFT, DeFi • Сo-founder • Entrepreneur • Advisor • Guest Speaker
    • Senior Partner Engineer at Unity

    • Founder & CEO Fumigene Virtual Art Gallery on Polygon & FumiDapps SAAS web3 B2B tailored solution •
    • Metavisionaries Co-Founder/ Creative Director • Visual-Tech Artist and Space Enthusiast • Environment Sustainability, NFTs • Wearable Art designer at OSHII BROWNIE , 3D Digital Fashion in Web3/ Metaverse
    • Creative Direction - Experience Envisioning - Decentralization, Web3 at Microsoft
    • Service Designer at Accenture Liquid Studio • Founder of Exthereal • Fashion Illustrator • Nordic Women in Tech Finalist • Design Thinking & UX
    • Senior Menswear Designer at BB (UK) Ltd. (Fila)
    • Sustainability focused investor • Co-Founder of 7Looks platform and Green Trio Fund
    • US Marketing Manager at Mirriad • The World's Leading In-Content Advertising Platform • Metaverse Fashion Council • #DigitalFashion • Web3
    • Creative director @ Scopus we do REALISTIC Digital Fashion • COO @ Chameo - Experience fashion • Metaverse Fashion Council
    • COO & Co-Founder at Hologress • Fully Interoperable 3D clothing • Engine and
      environment agnostic

    • Company: Chameo and Scopus (same Anas Agag) 
      "I'm a founder of both Scopus Studio and Chameo, both are in the digital fashion space. At Scopus Studio we have a team of 3D designers to provide various digital fashion services and at Chameo we are building a SaaS tool to implement digital fashion in eCommerce."

    • Kadine is the founder of The Immersive KIND , a creative technology crypto fashion and digital arts collective exploring the future of post-reality experiences.
      Founder, Metaverse Architect, Creative Technologist, Art Director, Artist, Activist, Digital Curator, Immersive XR producer, Digitalmaker, innovator & emerging technology leader

    • Digital and Luxury free thinker for 20 years
      General Director of Journal du Luxe • Co-Founder of Paris School of Luxury • Special Luxury Advisor of Catchpoint • Strategic Planner of Darkplanning • 
      Author of "Luxe and Resilience" (Turgot Price 2021, best economical and financial book) "Luxe & Digital", "Génération Z & Luxe", "Le Choc Z."

    • Jill Hamilton is a sustainable systems apparel researcher and the founder of, a system focused on the future of fashion, innovation & planet positive initiatives. Jill is also the founder of,, and

    • CEO & Futurist w/Passion for Partnerships, Strategy, Impact & Innovation • Blockchain, Metaverse & Web3 • UN Advisor • Entrepreneurship & StartUps • DEI +Future of Work f/Women,Youth, Srs • Author, Speaker, Producer, TEDX Org
    • Vadim Rogovskiy is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor, co-founder and CEO of award-winning US startup 3DLOOK. Rogovskiy is a venture partner at the US VC fund Geek Ventures, angel investor, mentor at 500 Startups, and advisor.
    • Investor in Fashion Tech Start-ups • CEO Tailwind Intl. SPAC • Former CEO Jimmy Choo Ltd
    • Stefano started his career designing for Gucci the first "store of the future" back in 2008
      - Later founded the Innovation Center for Accenture, working as an Omnichannel experience designer with major retail and global brand
      - He then was co-founder and managing director of Global Fashion Tech - international startups acceleration program, where he started building the metaverse along side top global startups
      - He also teaches in prestigious universities around Europe like Bocconi, Cattolica, ESCP, and Marangoni.
    • Business Head - Da Milano • Ex -The Body Shop • Ex - Gant • Sales , Operations & Customer Obsessed Leader • Luxury Retail • Mentor & Coach • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Digital Marketing & Strategy Evangelist • Tech Futurist • Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain and NFT Visionary Strategist
    • Founder at MAD • Top 100 CreaTech company UK • Helping Creatives and Brands enter Web3 • Metaverse & NFT Alchemist • Keynote Speaker • Fashion Luxury Art and Collectibles
      ‘360 Innovation Focused Production Agency bridging Creative Ideas with Blockchain and Immersive Technologies.’
    • Business Head-Rosso Brunello Ex-Swatch Group Ex- Page Industries Ltd. E-Commece & Omni channel Startup Advisor Mentor Career Coach
    • Corporate Executive turned FashionTech Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of SYSTM Limited.
      A collaboration platform for high-fashion talent management. Committed to bringing
      fashion talent management to the metaverse. Digital Fashion – NFT – Web3.
    • Co-founder and CEO @ Artano • Blockchain and NFT Advisor • Metaverse Fashion Council • ENG/FR/DE/SRB
    • CEO & Founder of Spatial8, Co-Founder of Exthereal: Fashion in Extended Reality conference, Producer of AWE Nite Northern XR meet-up
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    I really understand that fashion is a layer #1 in the metaverse to come. And true metaverse is only decentralized one, the Metaverse!
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