Metaverse Fashion Council has launched the Magazine for our strong community of metaverse fashion value creators, builders, investors, and leaders. We didn't launch it arbitrarily - throughout our active two-year presence, MFC has orchestrated the flow and distribution of crucial information in five key areas:
1) fashion and creative industries,
2) web3, 3D realities, VR, AR, and gaming,
3) venture capital, investment in general, fashion tech startups, decentralized finance, and sound money (as opposed to "bad money"),
4) artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the implementation of the boldest ideas in fashion tech, and
5) community creation, collaborations, crowdfunding, socially significant phenomena, and issues.

Our team, spanning from Australia through Singapore, Tokyo, Delhi, Dubai, London, Paris, and New York, all the way to here, Silicon Valley, monitors and analyzes publications on these topics 24/7, selecting the most important information and presenting it in the most convenient format. Informed by this, we envision our community possessing practical insights across all these areas simultaneously, making us and our readers unique. We acknowledge that, perhaps, we are still smaller than Bloomberg, Forbes, Financial Times, Vogue Business, TechCrunch, Business of Fashion, or Cointelegraph, but our significant advantage lies in focusing simultaneously on the intersection of all these five industries at the key crossroads of technology and fashion: fashion-web3-decentralized finance-artificial intelligence-community life.

Our Magazine is unique in that, instead of traditional paywalls hiding information for the sake of immediate commercial gain by centralized publishers, we actively encourage the acquisition and use of knowledge, comments on materials, and their further dissemination as a way of co-creation and collaboration.

We find ourselves in a Singularity moment: the monopolistic world of old "bad" money and financial instruments is fading away, and we are experiencing an era of decentralization in both government finances and the emergence of new community-based assets.

The old world of centralized fashion is stuck in ecological problems, a loss of creativity, dependence on politics, and a shift in sales geography. Old fashion constantly tries to keep up with technologies but often not only lags behind but simply doesn't understand their essence, turning to "hype" and its con artists rather than the breakthrough nature of these technologies. Economically, the success of old fashion today depends on buyers from the older generation in China, India, and Arab countries. Japan and Korea contribute, South America is on the horizon, and Africa is emerging as a potentially promising direction. However, all of this is likely just half-measures for the survival of the old fashion system.

Interestingly, the world of monopolized technologies is also undergoing changes in the same movement towards greater decentralization. A new habitat has emerged, and new centers of influence are rising: Gen Z on TikTok, Gen A in Roblox, e-commerce is dying and being replaced by 3D commerce, new countries and cities are occupying important positions.

The real future of fashion lies beyond the horizon, where creative freedom and the creative content of fashion will be shaped in the free space of web3 and metaverses based on all AI solutions and in the environment of new decentralized freedom of sound money, owned and controlled directly by the community, not politicians.

This is the future we are investing in: our time, our creative energy, and resources. We are open to any form of collaboration, for your news, opinions, and ideas. Write to us, schedule calls, and propose projects. We are building the future of fashion, and at this stage, knowledge and collaboration will help us achieve results faster.

Satoshi Nakamoto, among other things, is attributed the following famous quote: "If you don't understand it, I don't have time to convince you." Bitcoin and other sound forms of money, of course, serve as the foundation for a new, healthy economy. It is precisely for this reason that Metaverse Fashion Magazine expresses its mission in the opposite way: “IF YOU STILL DON’T GET IT, WE HAVE TIME TO CONVINCE YOU

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Best wishes and talk to you soon,
The Executive Team of MFC