Chanel is set to acquire the esteemed fashion group JY BH, encompassing all operations, four studios, and its dedicated workforce. As part of this acquisition, renowned French fashion designer Jean-Yves Bohère will join the Chanel team.

Founded by Jean-Yves Bohère in 1999, JY BH originated with the acquisition of Marque & Mod, a women's fashion atelier. In 2005, Bohère relocated to a PR3 atelier in Bourges, France, concentrating on tailoring and sleeved garments, ultimately becoming the group's primary focus. Expanding his portfolio in 2013, Bohère incorporated two additional ateliers and established a design agency, simultaneously developing both women's and men's collections.

Chanel emphasized that the decision to acquire JY BH was rooted in shared interests, with the JY BH Group gaining a stable, long-term partner for enhanced visibility, and Chanel preserving exceptional expertise within the heart of France.

Crucially, Chanel assured that there will be no alterations to JY BH's established working methods, and the studios will maintain their ongoing relationships with clients, underscoring the commitment to continuity within the French luxury brand's ethos.