LVMH has announced the winners of the 8th edition of the LVMH Innovation Award, recognizing seven startups during a recent ceremony. Bernard Arnault presented the Grand Prize to FancyTech, a platform leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence to create videos from 3D product models and creative briefs.

Each year, the LVMH Innovation Award highlights startups poised to impact the luxury sector significantly. This year's competition attracted over 1,545 startups from 89 countries, with 43% founded or co-founded by women.

Following a pre-selection process, eighteen promising startups were chosen to exhibit at the LVMH pavilion, "The Dream Garden," at VivaTech.

FancyTech received the Grand Prize of the LVMH Innovation Award.

In winning the Grand Prize at the LVMH Innovation, FancyTech joins the exclusive circle of LVMH Innovation Award top prizewinners. This is an opportunity to collaborate with our Maisons and contribute to the transformation of the luxury sector. This Prize once again recognizes a startup that leverages technological advances to elevate excellence. I am confident that their expertise will match the ambition of our Maisons and anticipate the expectations of our customers,” said Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of the LVMH Group.

FancyTech, which also won the Immersive Digital Experiences category, uses AI-generated video scripts (Python code) to control video movements and lighting effects in video production software, based on creative briefs provided by brands. Combined with realistic 3D models, these high-quality videos feature movements impossible to achieve manually.

Morgan Mao, co-founder of FancyTech, expressed gratitude to the LVMH teams, stating, “I would like to take the opportunity to show my gratitude to LVMH teams. Thanks to our common passion for tech and innovation that bring us all together here. Connecting mind and machine, GenAI extends boundless imagination and creativity but can’t replace the heart and human. We feel honored to be part of this new adventure

Dior, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, designed unique trophies for the winners. For the Grand Prize, Louis Vuitton created a bespoke trunk to showcase and protect the award. The trophies were inspired by the concept of LVMH’s VivaTech pavilion, “The Dream Garden,” with Generative AI integrated into the creative process using INSPAIRE, a tool designed by Dior teams.

All LVMH Innovation Award winners gain increased visibility and access to the Group’s Maisons’ unique ecosystem. The award fosters collaborations between LVMH Maisons and innovative startups motivated to explore new business models and technologies.
2024 prize winners by category

Image & Media for Brand Desirability: Ircam Amplify

Amplifying the power of sound for brands and user experiences

The result enhances brand identity and user engagement, with a full spectrum of custom sound design and immersive installation. Their knowledge can be applied to brand identity, online experiences, connected products or objects, points of sale or events.

Sustainability & Greentech: Aectual

Circular 3D printed store and architectural finishes using recycled materials

Aectual interior products and architectural finishes are waste free and fully digitally produced with XL 3D printer using recycled materials. After use, they take back the product and shred it into new materials, and directly 3D prints new updated products with it.

Immersive Digital Experiences: FancyTech

GenAI video production based on product 3D model and creative brief

CF. Grand Prize

Omnichannel & Retail: Glanceable

AI-powered customer feedback analytics solution

Glanceable uses AI for quick feedback replies, real-time dissatisfaction detection, identifies growth areas, offers strategy insights, recommendations & provides advanced analytics for strategic planning, enhancing decision-making & customer satisfaction.

Operations Excellence: Authena

IoT solutions for real-time traceability and product authenticity protection

Authena harnesses IoT and AI to redefine supply chain integrity, transforming vast data into actionable insights for authenticity and sustainability. This eradicates counterfeits, reduces by 90% product diversions and helps meet ESG commitments.

Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion: Heralbony

Art license for enterprise with unique narratives by artists with disabilities

Heralbony ensures quality collaboration between artists with disabilities and companies from planning to production. This creates business opportunities for artists, allows companies to integrate inclusive art narratives to promote engagement, DEI.

Special Mention: DATA, AI and Gen AI Solutions: BLNG

Sketch-to-design GenAI and virtual studio for jewelry

Our solution addresses common challenges faced by jewelry businesses, streamlining design processes, reducing costs by replacing traditional methods with digital alternatives, and offering personalized guidance to simplify customer decision-making.

LVMH congratulates the seven startups that stood out in their respective categories and is proud to help them realize their dreams.

All the finalist startups are invited to join the acceleration program at the Maison de Startups, the Group’s innovation incubator, where they will benefit from personalized mentoring to help them develop their offers and expertise in liaison with LVMH and its 75 Maisons.