CreatedBy_ the pioneering platform enabling
true 360-degree circular sustainable fashion, film, and art, announced a
revolutionary case study and brand partnership. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration
with sustainable fashion brand Wonder Raw, third-party certificates and validation
providers, and IP rights solution MINTangible, CreatedBy_ is showcasing the
future of radically transparent and circular products.
“By connecting physical fashion items to immutable digital twins on the
blockchain, we can capture the full provenance and journey of a product - from the
ethically sourced raw materials, to sustainable manufacturing, to every subsequent
owner's experiences with it, including recycling or upcycling,” says Tom Wallace,
CEO and Founder of CreatedBy_.
"True 360 circularity has been an ideal, not a reality - until now," continues
Wallace. "CreatedBy_ solves the fundamental challenge of losing visibility once a
product gets sold and changes hands. Our platform maintains that digital thread,
providing owners continued value, while empowering brands to build unbreakable
trust and loyalty, and knowing the product’s path to the end of either recycling or upcycling into a second product."
CreatedBy_’s latest case study starts with Wonder Raw, a sustainable textile-
centric apparel brand that uses traced certified 100% organic cotton and vegan inks and has created a sustainable on-demand production of garments.
"At WonderRaw, we're thrilled to collaborate with CreatedBy_ in pioneering the
future of sustainable fashion. Our commitment lies not only in crafting bespoke
pieces but also in reshaping their narrative through circularity. Together, we're
redefining the fashion landscape by seamlessly merging innovation with
sustainability," - Luis Oliveira, CEO of WonderRaw.
This process is verified with certificates by third parties, such as Global Organic
Textile Standard (GOTS), and Eurofins, and Hey Social Good, Lastly, usage and
IP rights are created and managed by MINTangible outlining rights of both what
the future owner(s) and upcycler can claim and perform with the garment in it full
lifecycle and beyond.
"We are proud to partner with CreatedBy, where MINTangible adds a layer
of verified transparency. Our collaboration ensures every garment comes
with a digital certification of IP rights, sustainability credentials,
and upcycle requirements, empowering consumers to make informed, ethical
choices." — Amyli, CEO of MINTangible.
Connecting personal stories and memories to the physical products we create and
own is a brilliant way to imbue apparel, art, photos, memorabilia that we either
create and/or purchase with deeper meaning and narrative resonance. By
tokenizing the things we cherish on the blockchain, then linking that data, we can
create rich tapestries and connections for each item from things we create to even
subsequent new owners that can then add their own chapters to the item's lifespan.
This blending of physical and digital narratives will revolutionize how we
experience and connect with our apparel, creations, and objects that we value in
our lives. Create to Connect!