Samsung is gearing up to unveil its inaugural wearable smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This announcement follows a teaser last month during the launch of the Galaxy S24 smartphone series in California. Emphasizing a commitment to delivering more personalized and seamless experiences, Samsung highlights the Galaxy Ring's integration of advancements in artificial intelligence, as outlined in a statement released on Sunday.

Samsung Electronics Co. is diversifying its health product lineup with the addition of the Galaxy Ring, marking its entry into the wearable smart ring market. Attendees at the Mobile World Congress will also have the chance to explore new health features incorporated into the Galaxy Watch6 series, coupled with the Galaxy S24. These features are slated for public availability later this year, leading up to the official launch of the Galaxy Ring anticipated in 2024.

Health tracking functionalities have become integral in the smartphone and wearable industry, with companies such as Samsung, Apple Inc., and Alphabet Inc.'s Google leveraging these capabilities to attract and retain customers.

A groundbreaking achievement in health technology would involve the creation of sensors for continuous blood pressure tracking and glucose monitoring. Apple, for example, has been actively developing a non-invasive glucose reader, aiming to eliminate the need for users to puncture their skin for blood—a potential revolutionary advancement benefiting millions dealing with diabetes.