Organized by Pop Up.lx and in collaboration with the community-centric Studio 8, FLIP SIDE will unfold over the 20th and 21st of April. This event isn't just a gathering; it's a progressive movement championing a sustainable future in fashion. Over two days, attendees can immerse themselves in workshops, panel discussions, and showcases by designers and creators who specialize in the phygital realm. Additionally, an online platform developed in partnership with the Metaverse Fashion Council will extend the event’s reach globally. Our collective aim is to cultivate a new economy and accelerate the widespread adoption of AI, WEB3, and DEFI, celebrating innovation and those who create value.
Digital fashion is steadily redefining sustainable style, shifting from the traditional PRODUCE-SELL model to offering unique, creative designs that exist only digitally. By blending fashion with digital technology, blockchain, and NFTs, FLIP SIDE opens a new chapter for emerging Portuguese artists and designers. This event explores the synergy between digital advancements and blockchain to produce secure, distinctive, and environmentally conscious fashion. It offers an exceptional opportunity for artists to display their work, connect with other innovators and pioneers, and advance into a new era of sustainable fashion. Imagine a fashion world that exceeds physical boundaries, enabling a surge of creativity while reducing the environmental impact of traditional production. Together, FLIP SIDE and the Metaverse Fashion Council are paving the way to this new era, significantly reducing waste and conserving resources. This marks an evolution from slow fashion to a future where fashion emphasizes community and sustainability.

The showcase of the Cesarec brand introduces an entirely new concept where the worlds of fashion and cutting-edge technologies like NFTs, augmented reality, or fully simulated realities combine to create an unforgettable experience. Cesarec isn’t just a brand; it's a revolution in the making, embodying the ethos of Gen Z while upholding the principles of slow fashion. Our journey melds inspiration from past, present, and future, creating a refined yet thrilling experience. Cesarec, along with other pioneers, will highlight this exciting transformation, providing a platform for many young talents to showcase their phygital brands.
FLIP SIDE features a curated selection of designers and brands including Unagi Vintage, Denimgod, A’ TAC VALLE, GOHARA, SYN WEAR, MOLLY98, and Burnt Design. Sara Crux Studio will host interactive workshops, and Caroline Matusso, CEO and Founder of the Heart of Gold project, will deliver a talk on building and monetizing an NFT brand. The event will also offer a selection of drinks from SAVG, PER SE, Estrella, and delicious food from Pai Grande.