Monovant, the world’s first phygital watch company, and NTZNS, the leading Metaverse creative studio, are proud to introduce three unique virtual wristband watches to adorn 320 million avatars in Zepeto, an avatar-based social Metaverse platform. Monovant has created the world’s first phygital watch, bridging the gap between real and virtual realms. Each one-of-a-kind physical timepiece, crafted with Swiss movement, is accompanied by exact digital twins that allow you to elevate your avatar's style by using them as wearables across thousands of digital experiences and metaverse worlds.
NTZNS is dedicated to collaborating with unique designers to help them bring their valuable concepts to its 70,000 strong community and introduce them to a larger audience. Operating for more than 3 years in almost every Metaverse space, dressing avatars and building valuable stories for people to follow. In this partnership, Monovant designs three different unique pieces to adorn the avatars of NTZNS in Zepeto. An original digital twin of the physical watch, an NTZNS logo that indicates the inclusivity NTZNS serves, and a Golden Fire bracelet watch inspired by dragons, indicating the power of imagination and aesthetics the Metaverse incorporates.
“Our vision is to conquer the Metaverse communities, giving them the opportunity to have
a valuable unique timepiece in both worlds, and our collaboration with NTZNS is a dream start,” said Christos Vasiliadis, founder of Monovant. There are only 99 limited physical timepieces crafted by Monovant, and you can reserve one through the official website of Monovant, while the digital twin can be accessed by
using your avatar in Zepeto, and many other Meteverses, without any limitation.
“Because we want to give extreme value to our faithful community, we are dedicated to collaborating with unique designers who have a vision and see beyond physical limitations. Monovant is one of them, and this collaboration will be only the beginning for more in the future,” said Costantino Roselli, founder & CEO of NTZNS.
This collaboration between Monovant and NTZNS marks a groundbreaking moment in the evolution of fashion within the Metaverse. By combining Monovant's innovative phygital technology with NTZNS' creative vision, this partnership is reshaping the way avatars express themselves in virtual environments. Through the introduction of virtual wristband watches on Zepeto, users can now seamlessly integrate high-quality, customizable fashion accessories into their digital identities. This collaboration represents a fusion of physical craftsmanship and digital innovation, setting a new standard for virtual fashion experiences. The three pieces will be available on NTZNS account on Zepeto on April 24th, 2024, which marks the official launch of the limited physical watches by Monovant.