The F* Word, co-founded by MFC advisory board member Nitin Kumar, announces its official launch backed by a grant from zbyte. With its Fashion AI engine and zbyte’s WEb3 infrastructure, The F* Word seamlessly integrates on-canvas and off-canvas functionalities. The company disrupts fast fashion by revolutionizing how creation via AI, showcasing via AR and monetization through Web3.

The F* Word is hosting the Middle East’s first-ever Fashathon from May 6-8 in Doha, Qatar. This groundbreaking event invites fashion creators worldwide to participate both online and in person. Participants will showcase their talents and contribute to the evolving digital fashion narrative. Featured artists who provided 3D models of garments to remix and personalize by participants, and a jury of industry leaders will guide the competition, awarding an Apple Vision PRO to the best AI-driven design.

Shaikha Al Sulaiti, event sponsor of the Doha event and member of The F* Word's Board of Advisors, expressed enthusiasm for the Fashathon: "The Fashathon is not just an event; it's a movement towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and innovative fashion future with high impact in the region. We are excited to see the convergence of creativity and technology as designers from various backgrounds come together to shape the future of fashion"

Participants can win other attractive prizes at TEFFA, an event in Doha celebrating the intersection of technology, fashion, and art. The F* Word has also launched a digital fashion certification program, minting certificates as NFTs, marking a new era in fashion education and accreditation.

Interested individuals can register at