Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Britain's Prince Harry, has unveiled her latest venture: a lifestyle brand that appears to draw inspiration from their idyllic California home. The surprise launch of American Riviera Orchard took place on Thursday, accompanied by the unveiling of an Instagram page and website adorned with a regal gold crest emblematic of the brand's essence.

Emblazoned with the word "Montecito," the emblem pays homage to the celebrity enclave nestled near Santa Barbara, where the couple has resided since 2020, aptly dubbed the "American Riviera." The social media bio succinctly identifies the brand as "by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex."

While details remain scarce, a spokesperson for the duchess confirmed her involvement in the endeavor to AFP, sparking curiosity about the brand's offerings. American Riviera Orchard is hinted to encompass kitchen and lifestyle themes, promising a blend of elegance and functionality.

The launch was accompanied by a nostalgic promotional video, featuring Meghan Markle gracefully arranging flowers and indulging in culinary pursuits within a cozy kitchen setting. Interested parties were invited to join a mailing list for exclusive updates on product releases and availability, signaling a keen anticipation among fans and consumers alike.

Having distanced themselves from royal duties in 2020 and relocated to California, Harry and Meghan continue to carve their own path in the world of media and entrepreneurship. The shuttering of their official @sussexroyal Instagram account and Meghan's personal social media platforms prior to their marriage underscores their transition to a more private yet influential existence.

In recent years, the couple has embarked on various media ventures, leveraging their platform to share their perspectives and embark on creative endeavors. From candid critiques of the British royal family to exclusive podcast deals and collaborative projects with streaming giants like Netflix, Harry and Meghan are undeniably charting new territories in the realm of entertainment and content creation.

Despite some projects experiencing premature conclusions, such as the Spotify podcast deal and the cancellation of a Netflix animated series, the couple's partnership with the streaming giant remains active, with multiple projects reportedly in the pipeline, including a potential movie, indicative of their enduring commitment to storytelling and advocacy.