Coach collaborates with a virtual influencer IMMA alongside notable celebrities Lil Nas X and Camila Mendes for its campaign "Find Your Courage." This initiative aims to captivate younger audiences by exploring the nuances of identity and the evolving concept of authenticity.

“’Find Your Courage’ is meant to inspire our consumers to seek out all possibilities for who they can be, despite the tensions and expectations in life they might feel,” said Coach Global Chief Marketing Officer and North America President Sandeep Seth in a statement.

“For us, imma is the perfect ambassador to tell this story because she is challenging the notion of what we consider ‘real’ today. Her journey in our campaign takes us into a new world that pushes the boundaries of self-expression and inspires us along the way,” said Seth.
Imma, created by Aww Inc., is described in press releases as a "virtual human, model, and digital creator," drawing her name from the Japanese term for "now." Introduced in 2018, this character has been featured in promotional material for renowned brands such as Nike, Puma, Calvin Klein, and more.
In a series of five campaign videos, Imma will embark on virtual journeys into the worlds of each brand ambassador, uncovering their distinctive "superpower." The inaugural video features pop sensation Lil Nas X, alongside a virtual, life-sized chessboard, guiding Imma in the art of "changing the game." Subsequent videos will showcase rapper Youngji Lee, model Kōki, and actors Camila Mendes and Wu Jinyan, each focusing on themes of risk-taking, innovation, evolution, and exploration.

This initiative draws inspiration from the realm of AI, particularly in light of the resurgence of interest sparked by advancements in generative AI technology like ChatGPT. Directed by Vallée Duhamel and photographed by Charlie Engman, the campaign not only comprises video content but also incorporates gaming and experiential activations, promising to broaden its impact across both physical and online realms.