This year promises to bring about transformational benefits in the way we communicate and the way we work—for those who seize the opportunity. While some businesses have experimented with generative AI, few have unlocked its full potential. Now is the time for businesses to move toward operational excellence by harnessing the power of AI at scale to improve overall business outcomes through communicating better, not more. We hope this report will inspire and guide you to realize the benefits of effective communication, embrace the possibilities of gen AI, and prepare for the exciting future ahead.
Every aspect of communication is going up. The volume, the pace, and the channels of communication are on the rise. For professionals, work is becoming synonymous with communication.

More Communication creates room for more poor communication

The exponential increase in communication has left the workforce overwhelmed, jeopardizing the quality of communication and quality of life for communicators.

Gen AI experimentation to optimization: tipping the scale

This report confirms that, for some, gen AI shows potential to enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. At the same time, it is unleashing new security and privacy challenges and rampant AI fluency gaps. In 2024, businesses will need to move past experimentation to harness the power of gen AI while overcoming the challenges it introduces.
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