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???? 2023 is going to be quite important for investment in the Metaverse Fashion.
⚡️ As one of the strongest and fastest growing community on the market Metaverse Fashion Council with our partner Mext Metaverse we host a series of monthly events "Metaverse Fashion Fest", - each event dedicated to on main theme.
????We start with Investment in 2023 on March, 28.
????If you want to become a speaker, take part in a panel discussion, if you want to be a sponsor or partner of the event series - feel free to contact us -
* The Metaverse Fashion Fest is a monthly event organized by Metaverse Fashion Council and Mext Platform dedicated to specific topics of the industry. Keynote speakers, panelists and all the community can connect, matchmake, network, collaborate, exhibit & showcase products.
* The MFF events are organized every Thursday of last week of every month to gather the fashion community around a theme. The theme is covered in a 3 hours conference with keynotes and panel speakers then followed by a 1 hour guided round table and networking session. Attendees can stroll as they wish with their avatars in a giant professional space with stands of several brands, exhibitions as well as participate in challenges.

Men’s fashion-based GQ magazine is foraying into the metaverse by launching its first-ever collection of 1,661 non-fungible tokens (NFT).
Titled “GQ3 Issue 001: Change Is Good”, the collection features special art pieces created by popular artists Chuck Anderson, REO, Kelsey Niziolek and Serwah Attafuah. Each artist created more than 100 unique traits, which have now been algorithmically combined to create the artwork in the series.
The fashion magazine is hoping that the collection will showcase the real-world benefits of digital assets. But more importantly, it also seeks to use the GQ3 collection to create a platform where investors can learn more about digital assets.
???? Meet the Four Artists Behind GQ’s First-Ever Digital Art Drop ????
by GQ Magazine editorial staff:
"For the inaugural drop of our ongoing Web3 exploration that we call GQ3, we asked a talented group of artists to help us build a collection of digital art pieces themed around one of our favorite mottos: Change Is Good. Learn more about the quartet of artists—and the eye-popping work they created—right here.
As you may have heard, GQ is dropping the GQ3 Issue 001: Change Is Good collection, a group of 1,661 digital-art tokens that will enable our readers to get deep into our universe with exclusive access to experiences and limited edition products. To create the collection of original, one-of-a-kind art pieces, we curated a group of four artists whose work we find cutting-edge, inspiring, covetable, and just plain beautiful: graphics wizard Chuck Anderson, AI futurist REO, punk drawing master (and GQ contributor) Kelsey Niziolek, and anime-adjacent rising star Serwah Attafuah (also a GQ contributor). To guide their work, we issued a simple challenge to the quartet: create art that responds to GQ’s Change Is Good motto. Get to know these four artists as they explain how their practices are zooming into the future"

PACSUN will launch on Thursday its second virtual experience on Roblox, expanding its presence in the metaverse.
Dubbed 'Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon', the experience pays homage to PACSUN's Southern California roots by offering the community the opportunity to build their own California city, including in Downtown LA, Santa Monica and Hollywood, with future expansions to come.
Inspired by tycoon gameplay, which is one of the most popular and successful genres on Roblox, Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon showcases real life inspiration and building locations. Once each region is completed, a dedicated piece of a Pacsun store will be unlocked.
Pacsun stores are at the epicenter of the cities and allow members to view and buy community-created merchandise, including 20 digital items inspired by Pacsun's Spring 2023 collection of physical apparel, as well as a coveted wearable accessory.
The virtual experience comes almost a year after the release of PacWorld, Pacsun's interactive mall experience, which allowed Roblox community members to build their own mall.
"Following positive consumer response to both PacWorld and our seasonal catalog of clothing offering on Roblox, we recognize the importance to expand our presence on Roblox and continue to offer our community new build experiences, where they can step outside the mall and leverage their skills to build their own rendition of the Los Angeles cities that make up the heart of Pacsun," said Brie Olson, co-CEO at Pacsun.
"Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon is filled with all-new surprise and delight moments that tie in elements from our physical offerings rolling out this year, and we're excited to debut our Spring 2023 collection in a way where our community can experience it in both virtual and physical worlds.”
Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon was created with well-recognized metaverse developer The Gang.
"This experience stands out as a first-of-its-kind branded city building tycoon on Roblox. Pacsun is leading consumer engagement in the metaverse through bringing this core piece of their brand - Los Angeles origins - to fans worldwide,” said Evan Opperman, client director at The Gang.
“This experience is grounded by a build and collect tycoon game loop, and includes fun elements like street art, beach carnivals, and movies among other side quests and challenges. Users will connect in a visually gorgeous, art-driven, and super fun setting that is uniquely differentiated from other experiences on the platform.”

Vogue Singapore by Azrin Tan
Paying ode to the month of love, we challenge and reimagine the ways we can connect with one another, in a metaverse that offers us endless possibilities.
The delicate subject of love takes centre stage in From Blockchain to Love Chain: the immersive scale of events set to launch in Vogue Singapore’s metaverse lounge ‘Club Vogue Singapore’ and ‘Fashion’s New World‘. And most timely so, as the whimsical mood of Valentine’s Day whisks us away; placing us in a season where we’re taking stock of the intimate connections and shared relationships present in all our lives.
Taking us deeper into the metaverse, the line-up of events only seeks to further the idea of connection in the virtual world: questioning the limits of interaction through exclusive NFTs, rethinking the ways we build relationships via nuanced panel discussions and providing refreshed, artistic interpretations of modern love with a curation of artworks. As we approach the launch of From Blockchain to Love Chain, here’s everything you can expect to experience when you join us at ‘Club Vogue Singapore’, come 15 February at 10PM SGT.

National Retail Federation
“Versed on the Metaverse,” a lively session at National Retail Federation 2023: Retail’s Big Show, looked at the growing importance of virtual reality, both as a marketplace and a communications medium. The discussion was moderated by Jill Manoff, editor-in-chief of fashion and luxury daily Glossy. She was joined by Winnie Burke, head of fashion and beauty partnerships with Roblox; Chris Takkenberg, vice president digital product for Tommy Hilfiger; and Dina Fierro, senior vice president, Web 3/metaverse group at Shiseido.
Manoff began by saying that one of the purposes of the session was to debunk what she referred to as “some myths” about Roblox and how brands can use it. Kids are using it, but what’s the opportunity for “non-kids’ brands”?
Roblox currently has about 60 million daily active users, Burke said. The platform is 16 years old, and its demographic is constantly evolving. “We have become well-known as a kids’ platform, but more than half our audience is 13 or older. For the past 15 months, the 17- to 24-year-old group has been our fastest-growing demographic.”
NRF 2023
The Tommy Hilfiger Virtual Fashion Show, held in March of last year in Roblox, offered a version of New York City — avatars tall enough to sit on the roofs of buildings, for example — only possible with virtual reality. It also offered a virtual store where people could try new clothes on their avatars.
Noting that Tommy Hilfiger is well known as an innovative brand, Takkenberg said, “We look for our customers where they socialize and spend time. Roblox presented a really good opportunity to partner with its community and learn from them.”
His comment was echoed by Fierro, who said, “2021 was a year of experimentation. For 2022, we were looking for the opportunity to create a bespoke, highly creative, visually compelling world. We looked at a lot of metaverse platforms that didn’t have that, and Roblox did.”“It makes a case that virtual goods present a very compelling opportunity for real-world brands in the near future,” she said.

Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd has collaborated with world-renowned Hong Kong designer Vivienne Tam and other Cyberport Hong Kong firms such as HEPHA and EW Metaverse to bring the streets of Hong Kong to the New York Fashion Week.
Through the curation of Tam and Animoca Brands, blue chip NFTs, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Mocaverse, Meebit and CryptoPunks, also adorned the streets of virtual Hong Kong.
This novel initiative introduced to the audience a brand-new fashion experience by interweaving creativity, artistry, the prowess of technologies, the synergy between members of the Cyberport community, and the charm of Hong Kong.
Virtual Hong Kong
Animoca co-founder and executive chairman Yat Siu said: “It is a privilege to work with Vivienne and Hepha to bring a virtual Hong Kong to the New York Fashion Week.
“The various NFTs featured in the show represent some of the most loved and impactful brands in the open metaverse.
“It is awesome to see them being brought to life on Vivienne’s runway.”
Tam said: “When I broached the idea of setting my runway against the background of a metaverse, I immediately thought of Animoca Brands and Hong Kong’s Cyberport.
“There are so many talents in Hong Kong, both from local and international origins, equipped with out-of-the-box ideas, top-notch technologies as well as an adventurous can-do spirit.
“I take pride in what we have achieved together with Animoca Brands and start-up Hepha in the New York Fashion Week.
“I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Cyberport and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York for their support in making this wonderful show possible.”
Cyberport Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s digital technology flagship and incubator for entrepreneurship with more than 1,900 members including in excess of 800 onsite and close to 1,100 offsite start-ups and technology companies.
Notably, Animoca is headquartered in Cyberport, while HEPHA is a Cyberport incubatee.
Cyberport CEO Peter Yan said: “It is delightful to witness a perfect Hong Kong story showcased in an international arena as prestigious as the New York Fashion Week.
“EW Metaverse, Animoca Brands and Hepha innovatively applied the metaverse and NFT technologies to the fashion runway, making Vivienne’s show a spectacular success, and presented us with the exciting possibilities of Web3 technologies in art and entertainment.
“We look forward to seeing more collaborations within the Cyberport community, and further synergy between Hong Kong and global talents in the development and application of fashion-tech and other technologies.”

Vogue Business by Maghan McDowell
As metaverse and NFT hype quiets, brands are opting for more practical and varied innovation projects while building knowledge and relationships in the Web3-focused realm.
After a few seasons flirting with the metaverse and Web3, New York Fashion Week designers ceded ground for Autumn/Winter 2023. There were fewer NFT drops, fewer virtual shows and fewer extended reality moments as shows returned to more traditional formats. The consensus? Some who originally experimented with NFTs and the metaverse likely viewed it as a trend, treating these technologies as a momentary curiosity over a strategy shift.
Afterpay was back as a sponsor of IMG, but it didn’t bring back last season’s “Keys to NYFW” activation, which sold $100 NFTs to fans who could then attend shows, including Kim Shui and The Blonds. Some designers still played with blending the physical and virtual worlds. Last season, it became clear that NYFW wasn’t quite sure how to work Web3 into its folds, and this season, less of an effort was made.
“What we didn’t see is a translation from hype-cycle to real-world consumer and brand applications and longer-term strategies,” says Akbar Hamid, founder and CEO of 5th Column and co-founder of People of Crypto Lab, who has worked with the CFDA and its brands on Web3 onboarding. “I think there is still an immense lack of understanding, and it’s hard to connect the dots.”
In a way, this slowing down is a relief for those who see long-term value — a necessary reset following a crypto winter, the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and an oversaturated market flush with multiple 10,000-strong PFP projects that were growing faster than crypto wallet adoption. “It was a triple whammy,” says Swan Sit, who was a senior executive in digital marketing at brands, including Nike and Revlon, before becoming a Web3 advisor. She worked with Vivienne Tam on a project to mirror the physical show experience with a virtual one for global VIPs. “It got rid of a lot of the noise. There's a different perspective about building value, [and] actual use-cases,” Sit says of the crash.

CreatedBy_ Connect is changing the fashion industry by providing a
simple to use ecosystem for a sustainable, circular economy through
connected goods. It is designed to empower designers and brands to
connect, authenticate, and activate their physical and digital goods
between IRL and the Metaverse, from any mobile phone.
Connected goods are the future of fashion. With the advent of
blockchain, NFTs and their utilities, circular connected goods will be
the engine of the new digital economy of community commerce. Through the
CreatedBy_ Connect Ecosystem, getting connected made easy with our mobile app to create digital anti-counterfeit certificates of
authenticity and ownership for any connected physical and digital good.
Designers can now quickly and affordably create apparel and goods with a digital identity, encoded and verified on a tamper-proof CreatedBy_ NFC tag. This digital identity is connected to a digital twin of thephysical product (Phygital NFT), which can be used in the metaverse and unlocks the power of NFT utilities such as provenance, loyalty and reward programs, proof of attendance, exclusive content, AR experiences and upcycling programs.
Upcycling connected goods extends their physical life, from creation to end-of-life and beyond, by maintaining their digital identity ongoing, making them more valuable and sustainable. The upcycling process creates a new circular connected good with the digital identity of the original good being retained, which reduces waste and promotes sustainability.
What sets CreatedBy_ apart is the building of partnerships with leading designers, agencies, fashion design platforms, NFT utility providers, and manufacturers, making connected goods accessible to all.
Thanks to our fashion design and industry partners in building a
standard for the future connected:
Elena Nazaroff
Rebecca Bruce

Metaverse Post by Valeria Goncharenko
American fashion brand BCBGMAXAZRIA and celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly showcase their collaborative collection in the metaverse. Maeve Reilly, who styles celebrities like model Hailey Bieber and actress Megan Fox, has shared the announcement on her Instagram story.

The evening collection that Reilly developed for BCBGMaxAzria was first presented at the end of January and launched on the brand’s official website on February 2. However, as the metaverse fashion season is coming up, the parties have decided to jump on the trend and introduce their collaboration in the metaverse as well.
The stylists chose Decentraland as the fashion show venue. Starting on February 9, Decentraland visitors can attend the virtual runway and discover 16 evening gowns by the brand. The experience also features the avatars of Maeve Reilly and Albino Riganello, the Creative Director of BCBT. The two come out to wave their hands at the end of the show. The models’ avatars look similar to the models in the campaign. This resemblance gives the viewer the feeling of visiting the actual fashion show, even though one only sees avatars on the screen (or in the VR glasses).

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